Todd Richter creates $5 million endowment at alma mater

Earning his Masters of Business Administration in 1981, Todd Richter has remained prideful of his alma mater, the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. In the 20 years that followed, Richter gained immense success as one of Wall Street’s leading analysts in the healthcare field. He currently serves as managing director within the global healthcare investment banking group at Bank of America. Recently, Richter turned his decades of success into a growth opportunity for students, staff and more at the Kelley School; he created a $5 million endowment that directly supports educational endeavors within the financial industry at the institution.

The Todd Richter Fund supports five specific funding streams with its endowment dollars. This fund offers support to both the Dean’s Office and the Graduate Finance Department. It also creates graduate fellowships for Kelley School students with an active interest in the study of finances or securities. Two professorships are funded as well, specifically awarded to faculty members with extensive experience in the field of securities analysis — the industry that allowed Richter to flourish. And, lastly, the endowment supports additional requests that fall within the four previously mentioned funding streams, as long as bequest dollars remain.