Kelley School Graduate Todd Richter

Todd Richter

The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University is ranked among the best business schools in the nation. Recent rankings put it at No. 23 with a ranking of No. 10 for the country’s best schools to attain a Masters of Business Administration. Todd Richter is proud to call this respected institution his alma mater. He is a 1981 graduate with his MBA who has become one of Wall Street’s leading analysts in healthcare in the last 20 years.

And as an alumni of the Kelley School, Richter finds it his responsibility to give back to the school that has provided him with so much. He recently committed more than $5 million to the Kelley School as an endowment for current and future purposes. His estate commitment supports five specific streams of funding within this business school.

First, it provides direct support to two departments of the Kelley School: the Dean’s Office and the graduate finance department. The endowment also financially backs two professorships, which are to be awarded to faculty members with experience in securities analysis, Todd Richter’s specialty. Funding supports graduate fellowships as well, offered to students in the school who have an interest in finance or securities analysis. And lastly, the endowment will take any remaining dollars and divide them among the four aforementioned funding designations.